WAB Dark Age Campaign - Round 2

by Dion 10. March 2007 17:50

The Gold of Toulouse

Round 2 – The Flight

Spanish Andalusian (Chris K.) vs. Capetian French (Dion D.)

Since Roman times, the area of Toulouse has been the crossroads where armies have battled and pillaged the land for its riches. All who have “touched” the treasures of this land have perished an agonizing death. The whereabouts of the “Gold of Toulouse” remains a mystery, until now. The armies of Al-Andalus are again raiding into the southern lands of the County of Toulouse. They have learned of a rumor of riches near the city and believe it is hidden in a tiny village. The Count of Toulouse has been informed of an army approaching the city and has dispatched several units of knights to guard the village…and protect the gold.



28mm | Battle Report | WAB | Dark Ages

Constructing Naboo Scenery

by Dion 3. August 2005 22:01


28mm | Scenery | Star Wars

LOTR ink tests

by Dion 8. July 2004 13:03

I was testing how inking worked on a Rohan horseman and Orc.


28mm | Lord of The Rings | Painting

Testing out the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game from the Games Workshop

by Dion 16. June 2004 16:08


28mm | Lord of The Rings | Battle Report

First pass at Last Alliance figs

by Dion 14. June 2004 18:11

I finally completed the first 6 figures from the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy battle game, the original green box, that I started back in October 2001.
I primed them using GW Smelly Primer. Painted accordingly to the GW painting guide, and used GW gloss varnish as a sealer. Medium ballast was used to finish the base.



28mm | Lord of The Rings | Painting


by Dion 27. May 2004 13:13

My son and I painted this Uruk-hai swordsman. I primed with black spray paint. We basecoated with Dark Flesh for the flesh, Bestial Brown for the gloves, yellow for the hair and boot and Tin Bitz for the metal. I drybrushed the figure with chainmail for the metal and snakebite leather for the clothes. My son finished off the painting with Red Gore over the flesh, blade and shield for that blood-stained battle look. We based with medium ballast.


Lord of The Rings | 28mm | Painting

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