WAB Dark Age Campaign - Round 2

by Dion 10. March 2007 17:50

The Gold of Toulouse

Round 2 – The Flight

Spanish Andalusian (Chris K.) vs. Capetian French (Dion D.)

Since Roman times, the area of Toulouse has been the crossroads where armies have battled and pillaged the land for its riches. All who have “touched” the treasures of this land have perished an agonizing death. The whereabouts of the “Gold of Toulouse” remains a mystery, until now. The armies of Al-Andalus are again raiding into the southern lands of the County of Toulouse. They have learned of a rumor of riches near the city and believe it is hidden in a tiny village. The Count of Toulouse has been informed of an army approaching the city and has dispatched several units of knights to guard the village…and protect the gold.



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