Painting German Fallschirmjager HQ

by Dion 25. January 2005 21:32

Paints used:

Primer GW White Spray Primer and GW Smelly Primer wash
Basecoat jacket, trousers, smock Vallejo German Uniform #920
Paint smock, helmet cover  Vallejo Green Grey #886
Highlight smock, helmet cover GW Fortress Grey
Paint trousers, ammo pouch Vallejo German Field Grey #830
Highlight trousers, ammo pouch GW Fortress Grey
Basecoat Flesh GW Dark Flesh
Highlight Flesh #1 GW Dwarf Flesh
Highlight Flesh #2 GW Elf Flesh
Helmet, bread bag, mortar, equipment Vallejo German Grey #995
Rifle barrel, SMG, Water cup, binoculars GW Boltgun Metal
Webbing, belt, water bottle, holster, rifle strap GW Dark Flesh
Rifle stocks GW Scorched Brown
Boots, gloves, binoculars(drybrush) Black
Varnish  Krylon Acrylic Matte Finish

July 8, 2004 Primed, basecoated and inked
I primed using GW white primer spray paint and then touched up with watered down GW Smelly Primer.
I then basecoated about 4 figs with Vallejo German Uniform #920 and washed with black ink. I didn't like the look of the flesh with a black wash so I cleaned up the flesh with more paint and did a brown ink wash.

December 10, 2004 Finished FJ Officer

Primed white
Based Vallejo German Uniform #920
Light wash Black ink or paint
Heavy drybrush Vallejo Luftwaffe uniform WWII #816
Light drybrush GW Regal Blue
Very Light drybrush Vallejo Luftwaffe uniform WWII #816 again
Highlight GW Fortress Grey

The reason for the 2 drybrushes of Vallejo Luftwaffe Blue is it's too dark and the GW Regal blue was too blue, so an overbrush of Vallejo Luftwaffe Blue toned it down to a good blue. I guess you could mix them then do a highlight.

Next time I'll probably drop the base of Vallejo German Uniform #920 and base with Vallejo Luftwaffe Blue then wash and highlight. It may appear brighter to not need the Regal blue or use it as a highlight.

January 25, 2005 Finished FJ HQ


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