WAB Dark Age Campaign - Round 2

by Dion 10. March 2007 17:50

The Gold of Toulouse

Round 2 – The Flight

Spanish Andalusian (Chris K.) vs. Capetian French (Dion D.)

Since Roman times, the area of Toulouse has been the crossroads where armies have battled and pillaged the land for its riches. All who have “touched” the treasures of this land have perished an agonizing death. The whereabouts of the “Gold of Toulouse” remains a mystery, until now. The armies of Al-Andalus are again raiding into the southern lands of the County of Toulouse. They have learned of a rumor of riches near the city and believe it is hidden in a tiny village. The Count of Toulouse has been informed of an army approaching the city and has dispatched several units of knights to guard the village…and protect the gold.

Victory Conditions

The victory conditions for the French is to escape safely off the board with the village’s treasure attached to one unit. That unit was limited to only 8” of movement per turn. All other units who escaped willingly with more than 5 figures gained extra points. The Spanish can win points for capturing the treasure. The battle will last eight turns.


As per the scenario rules, the town was placed in the center of the table with walls or buildings not exceeding out 9 inches from the center. There are at least two required openings in the walls of greater than 2 inches each located on the long ends of the table. Two groves of trees were added, one placed in the northeast corner and one south of the village. A hill was also placed near the southwest edge of the table.


As per scenario rules, the Spanish attacked with a larger force of 750 points, while the French defended with only 500 points. The French took the south edge of the board as their home edge and the Spanish the north. The French were required to place all units within the village. One unit of Coloni skirmishers with bows stood on the north wall, while the other skirmisher with javelins guarded the south looking into the trees. A mounted knight unit of Milites, with the Count of Toulouse attached, was located in the northeast of the village facing north. A unit of dismounted Milites was guarding the treasure. They were placed near the east entrance of the town facing east.

The Spanish were required to place a quarter of its points on the defender’s edge. This equated to one mixed unit of Andalusian spearmen and archers located in the southwest corner of the town. The rest were located on their home edge. The Spanish formed just north of the town from the east to west in the following order: Berber mercenary archers, a mixed unit of Andalusian spearmen and archers, mercenary spearmen, and a light cavalry unit of Andalusian Jinettes.

Photo #1: Setup and Deployment

Turn 1

The French started off with its archers firing their bows over the north wall killing two Andalusian spearmen. The javelin skirmishers adjusted to the Andalusian spearmen in the southwest. The mounted knights reformed from six wide to two ranks of three, while the foot milites and the treasure headed out of the village to the east, but were slowed to half their movement due to the wall, getting only half the unit across.

The Spanish spearmen charged the skirmishing bowmen on the wall. The bowmen stood and fired, missing with all six shots. The skirmishers lost the battle and fled. The Berber archers fired and killed two mounted knights. The unit took a panic test for losing over 25% of its men and passed. The spearmen in the south moved close enough to launch javelins on the French skirmishers, killing two.

Turn 2

The French archers rally but cannot fire. The skirmishers moved into the woods and flung javelins at the approaching Andalusian spearmen, killing one. Seeing the Andalusian spearmen clear the wall on which the archers fled from, the mounted knights wheeled around to the left and ferociously charged the left flank. The mounted Count alone kills two spearmen and the remaining knights take out another two. The Spanish spearmen kill one knight, but lose the battle. (Photo #2) They flee and reform. The knights pursue, catch and corner the Andalusians. Tired of these Muslim raiders killing and pillaging, the mighty French knights show no mercy and destroy the quivering unit. (Photo #3)

Photo #2: French Knights Ferocious Charge Against the Andalusian Flank

Photo #3: No Escape!

The Spanish Jinettes go into a light march along the western wall and reform. The Berber archers fire upon the French foot milites with the treasure but the arrows fall short. The remaining spearmen throw javelins upon the French skirmishers in the woods and knock out two more. (Photo # 4)

Photo #4: End Turn 2

Turn 3

The French mounted knights lead by the Count make a rash charge toward the mercenary spearmen outside the northern wall, but cannot reach them. The bowmen aim and fire at the mercs as well, but miss. The foot milites and treasure move closer toward escaping.

Photo # 5: Knights Charge Mercs

The Berber archers decide their only chance to capture the treasure is to charge. They get close enough to fire and hit but the armor save of the knights holds. The light cavalry quickly move toward the south edge of the board to cut off the knights and treasure.

Photo # 6: End Turn 3

Turn 4

The French mounted knights decide charging the merc spearmen was a waste of time and head off to help their brethren with the treasure. Their path takes them south through the town. The archers turn and aim at the Berber archers across town and miss. The skirmishers in the forest fling javelins at the passing Jinettes, killing one. (Photo #7)

Photo #7: Skirmishers attacking Jinettes as they pass.

Both the Andalusian Jinettes and Berber archers close in toward the French milites and treasure. The archers fire and miss. Mercenary spearmen throw javelins at the mounted knights as they pass and hit one, but he makes an armor save.

Photo #8: End Turn 4

Turn 5

The French mounted knights make another rash charge toward the Spanish spearmen to the south but fail to reach them. The bowmen fire upon the Berber archers again and kill one. The skirmishers in the forest kill another two Jinettes as they pass. The foot milites are close to escaping but see that they cannot reach safety in time because of the quickly approaching Jinettes and turn to take the attack head on.

Photo # 9: French move and fire.

The Spanish Jinettes charge. The French milites stand their ground and guard the treasure. The Jinettes fling seven javelins and fail to hit. The French milites spear and kill two light cavalry and win the battle by three points. (Photo # 10) The Jinettes’ charge failed and they flee. The unscathed French milites scare the Jinettes off the board and in pursuing them, they also carrying the treasure to safety.

Photo # 10: Jinettes and milites clash in hand to hand combat.

Around the village, the Andalusians seem to sense defeat. The merc spearmen move toward the archers, throw javelins and miss. The Berber archers fire at the milites and miss. Andalusian spearmen toss javelins at the skirmishers in the woods and miss, as well.

Turn 6

The French mounted knights move as far as possible toward the southwest edge of the board but clear of the Andalusian spearmen. The skirmishers in the woods decide to make a run for safety, but don’t reach the edge. The bowmen in the center of town feel the impending danger of two units closing in on them and head for the woods, but cannot reach it having to move around the church. (Photo #11)

The Andalusian spearmen see the escaping skirmishers and charge them. The skirmishers flee to the east. Meanwhile, the mercenary spearmen advance toward the archers. They fling their javelins, hitting one in the back, killing him instantly. The Berber archers move to cut off the French bowmen by blocking their escape route to the east of the village.

Photo #11: French knights and skirmishers move to escape.

Turn 7

The French skirmishers continue fleeing off the board to the east. The remaining three mounted knights escape off the south edge of the board. Five bowmen run as far south as possible, but cannot escape. (Photo #12)

Photo #12: French bowmen run from raiders.

The Andalusian spearmen reform from their victory over the skirmishers and move west to block the bowmen’s escape. The merc spearmen fire and kill another bowman. The Berber archers move closer, fire at the bowmen and miss.

Turn 8

The French bowmen are now surrounded to the northeast, northwest, and south, decide their only means of survival is to run toward the east through the safety of the woods.

All Spanish units move toward the woods. Only some of the Berber archers move into the woods close enough to fire and completely miss again.

Photo #13: End Game

Victory Points


Andalusian Spearmen Unit destroyed = 143

Andalusian Jinettes Unit destroyed = 215

Unit with treasure escapes = 100

Unit with 5 + figures escapes = 30

2 Unit Standards captured = 200

Total = 688


French skirmishers destroyed = 40

2 Table Quarters wholly owned = 200

Total = 240

Victory to the Mighty French!

The “Gold of Toulouse” is safe again and in hiding. The village was subsequently sacked, but the escaping French villagers and knights met up with the main army outside of Toulouse, ready to turn the invaders back to Spain.


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