Dad’s tour in Vietnam Nov 65 - Nov 66

by Dion 13. May 2011 17:24

Frank "Birdy" Duran enlisted in the US Army in '63 after his 17th birthday. After 2 years of training in the swamps of Louisiana and plains of Kansas, he wanted to see the rest of the world. So Uncle Sam gave him a ticket to a little country in Southeast Asia called Vietnam. He was dropped right into the battle of Ia Drang and thankfully survived a year-long tour "In Country".

While in Vietnam, my father was stationed at Camp Holloway in Pleiku assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division, 2nd of the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Alpha Company. He was initially a mortar crewman, but was switched to infantry pointman after they stop carrying the mortars around. I heard many stories when I was younger about how he had to check out tree nests and tunnels, since he was the smallest of the bunch.

These are some of his surviving photos. He had many more unprocessed rolls of film but they were destroyed when his basecamp flooded and all the contents of his foot locker were lost. Some photos are dated "Jan 67", but that is the day they were processed, not taken. I need to ask my father to explain the photos. He doesn't like to talk about his time there anymore.

See more pics.


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